How to Take Mindful Bites This Party Season

At this time of year it is tempting to abandon mindful eating buy modafinil uk and get seduced by the abundant array of goodies under your nose at every party or function you attend.

It is easy to make the excuse “I’ll start eating better after the holiday season”. The problem with this approach is that then comes another significant event such as an anniversary, birthdays, Easter, Valentine’s Day or an “all you can eat” vacation. It is always best to take one day and one meal at a time and be as mindful as you can, because all of these celebrations have the most potential for enjoyment. Why ruin the occasion by mindlessly overeating and feeling unnecessarily uncomfortable?

Mindful eating can be a part of any special occasion. Eating and drinking just the right amount so that you feel great won’t ruin the fun – it will help you stay in the moment and enjoy the occasion more. You don’t need to have every cocktail and canapé at the party in order to have a good time.

When faced with an array of choices, survey your options first and quietly decide what looks exceptional. Choose the options that look appealing to you and select some on a plate. Go and sit down and remember to eat mindfully, focusing on the food – the taste, texture, temperature and aroma. You can’t really do this while standing and making small talk. When you really taste the food, you obtain much more pleasure from it. If you are drinking – make sure to sip not gulp. Try to quench your thirst with water rather than alcohol.

By eating and drinking with your full awareness and attention, you will consume less because you really enjoy it. It is helpful to take mindful bites at special parties, particularly when the foods are not everyday foods and you may only get to eat them once a year. Don’t waste your appetite on chips, nuts and crackers – you can have these any day! Eggnog, mince pies and Christmas pudding are unique to Christmas. You can still eat them, but in a mindful way. Remember if you love it – savour it and if it disappoints you in the taste department, accept the disappointment, put the fork down and leave it.

Going into this season, remember to relax and be mindful when you choose. The moderation that comes from eating mindfully results in not only a healthy weight but a happier person, because you never need to feel deprived. And remember – the feast is in the first few bites!