Family, Heart of Humanity
Current Undertakings: research 2013- 2014

a) A Study on Violence to Children in Families-An all India Study

Research for 2013-2015:
a)Social Problems and Business Success: A Survey in Chennai,India
b)A Study among Migrant Workers and its Linkage with Sexual Abuse Among Children:A study in Tamil Nadu,India

Proposed Research Studies:
a) A Study on Addictive Behaviour among Youth and Young Adults in Chennai, India
b) An Experimental Study on The Effects of Poverty on Child Development (milestones) and Family Life Cycle.
c)A Study on Suicidal Tendencies and Depression among Youth and Young Adults- Tamil Nadu Study.

Significant Events:

World Congress :
Giving Children a Voice: The Transforming Role of The Family in A Global Society.
January 4-8, 2009, New Delhi, India.
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National Seminar On Communal Harmony : October 2,2010
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Seminar on Refining Strategies for Poverty Eradication in India, August 10&11,2012 New Delhi,India
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Seminar on Poverty and Sustainable Development and Inauguration of UN Global Compact Net Work,Chennai Chapter ,December 8,20102
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Seminars Sponsored by The Irish Embassy-Irish Aid New Delhi; Building a Culture of Child and Vulnerable Elderly Protection: April 22-24,2013,Bangalore, May 28-30, Chennai, June 18&29,Chennai. and Preparation of A Hand book on The Theme of The Seminars.
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Global Conference : In Defense of the Family: Family, Children and Culture, organised by Service and Research Institute on Family and Children in Bangkok, Thailand from June 20,2011

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Scheduled Events
a) August 30,2013: Regional Consultation; “Building A Culture of Child And Elderly Protection
b) October 5,2013) at Chennai & October25,2013 at New Delhi :National Seminar (in Chennai): Sustainable Education and Social Well Being.
c) November 2013(dates to be announced) National Seminar : The Challenge of Gender Equality

Global Initiatives: Co-operation for Human Development Goals
a) Asia region Initiative:
(dates to be scheduled:) Revitalising the Fabric for Common Good Options and Opportunities, Bangkok,Thailand
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b) Global Initiative(dates to be scheduled) :
Revitalising the Fabric of Society for Common Good:
Options and Opportunities,Bangkok,Thailand.
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Service and Research Institute on Family and Children (SERFAC) was inaugurated at the First World Congress “Family and Culture” on November 1, 1986 in Chennai, India. SERFAC has scaled up its activities and now also functions as A Global Research Institute on Family and Child Policy.

SERFAC was established by Dr. Catherine Bernard, MBBS, MS and collaborators from diverse background from India and the world, and who are committed to the well being of families to address the moral, spiritual, institutional and technological crises of contemporary times that is affecting families, children, communities, nations and the global society.

SERFAC is an India based International Registered Non – Governmental Organization in the State of Tamil Nadu, India. SERFAC has SPECIAL Consultative Status with ECOSOC (Economic and Social Council) of the United Nations – New York, since 1998.

Given the many years of experience and keeping abreast of rapid social changes, SERFAC endeavours to respond to exigencies in a spirit of partnership with all people.

SERFAC truly believes that the crises of contemporary society is of a profound nature and focus needs to be on the well being of the most significant components of human society, family and children.

SERFAC truly believes that the most hidden and severe crises of the modern family which is raising a new generation of children who are not adequately cared for, who are starved of love, protection and guidance and who in turn need to give love as they grow up but are unable to do so resulting in conflict and violence.

SERFAC truly believes that nurturing the family in exercising its transforming role and giving children a voice can lead to bringing about change.
  • Revitalizing the fabric of the family to exercise its transforming role in a global society.
  • Protection and nurturing of the person through all stages of life.
  • Cultivation of integrity, equality and respect in human relations.
  • Promotion of a just, violence free, peaceful and sustainable society.

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